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    Olam Qatan: Orders Outside Israel

    To our customers all over the world:

    In order to keep expenses as low as possible and give you good service, we ship via air-mail all over the world at the following rates:

    There is a flat fee of $4 per order, plus an additional charge of $2 per item.

    Thus, sending one item costs a total of $4 + $2 = $6, two items cost $8 (or $4 each), three items cost $10 (or $3.33 each), four items $12 (or $3 each), etc. Obviously, it pays to order several items at one time. We usually have all the items listed here, in stock. In the unusual event that something is out of stock and will be delayed for more than a few days, we will email you to ask if you want us to go ahead and ship the rest of the order, or if you want us to wait so that we can include them together at the lower shipping cost. We are happy to be of service!



    שיווק בפייסבוק  
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